Krawalle & Hiebe



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»Resistance is inherent in all power from the start, with the forms of resistance seeking to adapt to those of power.« (Doron Rabinovici)

The internet and its increasing dominance in the media landscape has essentially changed the communication of present-day protest movements: our attention just as much as our perspectives on the movements themselves. In its work, the Vienna-based artists’ collective kunststoff relies on the performative nature of the protest and makes it visible as a movement that pursues the aim of social change and is simultaneously an instrument and product of a complex image politics. Krawalle und Hiebe is a further development of a performance that kunststoff presented in the framework of the young choreographer’s programme Werkstück at the Tanzquartier Wien in 2012. The work focuses on the mass-media-influenced relationship of bodies and resistance and their influence on the practice and perception of protest.

Premiere 31.5.2013
Location: TQW / Studios
Studios Tanzquartier Wien

CONCEPT, CHOREOGRAPHY: kunststoff (Waltraud Brauner, Christina Huber, Stefanie Sternig)
PERFORMANCE: Waltraud Brauner, Christina Huber, Stefanie Sternig
SOUND: Peter Plos
VIDEO: Adnan Popovic
PRODUCTION: kunststoff
COPRODUCTION: Tanzquartier Wien
SUPPORTED BY: MA7 Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien