knuckles become clouds






“What I want to emphasize is the priority of the relation and the awareness that one is the effect of irrepressible flows of encounters, interactions, affectivity and desire, which one is not in charge of.” — Rosi Braidotti, The Posthuman

Prokopová, Kekis and Gunnlaugsdóttir experiment with potential abilities of a post-human body and post-human mind. They question human perception and affections. The human is regarded as a character oscillating between states of dependency and authority in a multi-sensory world of interactions between animate and inanimate beings. These interaction patterns remind us of the prosthetic nature of all human beings, a nature rooted in interactional dimensions with other humans and species but also with other forms of technicity and materiality. Thus, any hierarchical and anthropocentric position of humankind will be questioned: Rather than vertical and hegemonic interactions, horizontal relationships will be emphasised. The three artists will present a post-human performativity by means of a joint body practice and a language based on memory, imagination and intuitive sensory input.

Concept: Anna Prokopová, Costas Kekis
Performance & choreography: Anna Prokopová, Costas Kekis, Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir
Sound/Composition: Peter Plos
Dramaturgical & artistic advice: Chris Standfest
Stage & costume: Lidija Lovrinović, Magdalena Jurišić
Light: Jan Wagner
Production management: Almud Krejza
A co-production of Tanzquartier Wien and Maggie Palms. With support from the Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs, Vienna. Supported by Studio Matsune and Czech Centre, Vienna.